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Freetime Development Platform

is a set of highly extendable and reusable design for developing database driven .NET applications.

Why the name Freetime?

It's development began as a pastime and even till now, it's developers work on the project only during their freetime.

Why Generic?

It puts the power of .NET generics to practical use. The use of generic also allows the framework to be highly extendable, each generic layer of the application can be replaced via dependency injection with just a few configurations.

Whats with Freetime Generic?

  • Generic Layers. The frameworks components are splitted into a collection of loosely-coupled generic layers. The concept allows layers of your application to be easily replaced, customized or extended.
  • Dependency Injection. The use of dependency injection allows the layers of the framework to be replaced with only few configurations.
  • Presentation Theming. Theming feature is present so you could easily customize the application with your own theme or use the existing packed theme. But that's not all, you can even shift from theme to theme. See Theming demo
  • Localization. Allows your application developed using the platform to adapt any language or culture.

Want to join the Project?

We greatly appreciate your willingness to help. Send in your request to

The Source

The official repository is hosted in github

Project Page:
Git Read-only: git://
Official Wiki:


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